Experience a 50%-75% Increase in Payments at the Time of Treatment. No one likes to wait.

Fast and efficient payments make your patients happy and are a crucial element of their overall experience with your practice. That’s why we offer a robust set of products and services, including credit card on file services and credit card equipment, so you can make sure you’re taking advantage of the most convenient and cost-effective electronic payment options.


Learn more about our medical practice payment processing solution we offer below.

We work with all kinds of specialists, including dental, orthodontics, vision care, veterinary medicine, emergency medicine, pathology, radiology, obstetrics and cardiology, as well as general practitioners.


Consider these facts:

Just what the doctor ordered. Choosing the right point of sale (POS) technology—that’s been specially designed for medical offices—can help your staff stay focused on your patients’ health, not on administrative tasks. With a credit card payments system built specifically for medical offices, you can:

  • The cost of billing a patient is between seven and nine dollars per bill in administrative time, postage and supplies.
  • A doctor’s office must send out an average of three statements to get one back paid.
  • The number one way a doctor loses a patient to another doctor is to allow that patient to owe money because the patient becomes embarrassed or angry and leaves the practice. It is important to note; studies show the average patient will refer as many as 8 other patients to a practice. However, this can only happen if the patient is on good terms with the practice.
  • Consumer surveys show that vacations and charitable contributions take precedence over payments owed to doctors.

Credit Card on File

The needs of healthcare organizations are different from those of traditional retailers and other service providers, so VMS offers customized online and point-of-sale payment processing solutions for this industry.

Created by VISA and adopted by MasterCard the Patient Easy Pay Credit Card on File (CCOF) consent protocol, best known as the VEP SYSTEM. This is a Merchant Account Service in Virginia, that has been specifically designed to address today’s Revenue Cycle Management issues and concerns in the Healthcare industry. Targeting the Prevention of Patient Account Receivables, the VEP SYSTEM has the proven track record of being able to securely process and capture all types of payments , produce on demand reports and CSV file availability to update your current Patient accounting program. Our Sole Focus is Getting Your Practice Paid.

Our Sole Focus Is Getting YOUR Practice Paid. Utilizing the internet’s capabilities, the VEP SYSTEM utilizes its secure API to integrate our proprietary technology with a very User-Friendly dashboard. As, the times require and the industry expects, our networks and transaction processing systems are PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant.

Practitioner Benefits

  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Streamlined payments that you can accept from multiple locations
  • Reduces paperwork, billing, and collection costs
  • Simplified office administration through patient pre-authorizations and recurring charges
  • Patient appreciation for the choice of flexible payment options and better customer service

A prescription for better medical payments.