Payment Acceptance

Acceptance granted.

Virginia Merchant Services gives you fast, reliable, scalable and secure payment processing designed to fit your unique business needs.


Credit card processing and pay in-store solution for small businesses.

Navigating the world of payment processing doesn’t have to be your job anymore. Thanks to our unified technology payment platform, we’ve become the expert at making payments simple and secure, so you can go about business as usual and accept in-store payments easily.

  • Process payments quickly and efficiently while letting your customers pay with the credit card of their choice.
  • Accept credit card standards: Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express®.
  • Accept business, corporate, and purchasing cards with ease, including Level II and Level III data.
  • Process Fleet cards, including Voyager, Wright Express, Fleet One, and more.

Benefits of Virginia Merchant Services card payment acceptance:

  • Fast processing and payment funding
  • Competitive rates
  • Secure transactions
  • Highly scalable
  • Technology choice flexibility

Accept mobile credit card payments

Now you can give customers a more secure and highly flexible payment option. With mobile payments, you can grow your business by making it easier for consumers to discover you. And with our improved customer check-out experience, you’ll provide a faster and more personalized way for customers to pay. By accepting mobile payments, you’ll attract new customers, improve services and deliver a more secure payment option.

Benefits of mobile payments:

  • Reduces back office accounting and management
  • Increases customer loyalty and repeat business
  • Improves the checkout experience

ACH & eCheck Payments

Money is money, so if your customers pay by check, you want to be ready. Virginia Merchant Services offers several ACH and eCheck payment processing options that provide real-time authorizations and fewer hassles. You’ll reduce the risk of fraud, returned checks, and non-sufficient funds notifications. And you’ll lower your check processing costs while increasing back-office efficiencies.

Electronic Cash Conversion (ECC) turns checks into cash.

  • Real time authorizations, reducing the risk of bad checks before you accept them
  • No paper checks, so no trips to the bank to deposit funds
  • Improved reporting, with an online system that allows you to track and review activity

Gift card processing solutions for small businesses.

Attractive gift cards can do wonders for business. In fact, customers are known to spend upwards of almost 40% more using them.* As a service provider, we can make gift cards for single locations or custom-designed cards for franchises. Best of all, our comprehensive gift card service is already built into the POS system or terminal you use for payment processing, so they’re ready when you are. .

Features of Virginia Merchant Service’s gift card processing solutions

  • Choice of custom or pre-designed cards
  • Variable or preset card value
  • Customizable card controls
  • Enhanced PIN and security code support
  • Multi-store solutions with ACH funds transfers and cross-store reconciliation
  • Virtual gift card terminal processing

Help build your best payments.