POS Solution

More possibilities right this way.

We support a wide variety of payment systems, so you get the right POS system for your needs whether it’s a standalone terminal or a POS system integrated with our payments.


POS solutions for small businesses.

Technology is a tremendous enabler, but with it, comes concerns about reliability and security. We can help you maintain smooth and secure operations with our integrated POS technology platform and the latest in secure software and hardware systems.


With POS solutions you fear no fraud.

We consider it our job to help you make sure your business and customers are protected especially with fraud and breaches on the rise. Our small business POS solutions can help safeguard your business by increasing the safety of your customers’ payments, whil6e limiting your fraud chargeback liability and reducing the chances of a breach. It’s like having a virtual bodyguard.

Partner with a pro for your POS system.

At Virginia Merchant Services, we offer a wide variety of payment technologies ranging from a stand-alone device to an integrated POS solution. We partner with the leading payment terminal providers as well as over 800 Integrated Software Vendors.

We give you POS choices

  • Integrated POS – processing technology built into the POS system
  • Terminals – another way to enjoy Virginia Merchant Services service and support
  • Virtual terminal – when you are away from your store
  • Ecommerce – easy, online transactions to extend your reach
  • Mobile payments – accept mobile payments and capture more sales

Benefits of Virginia Merchant Service POS Terminals:

  • POS device choice flexibility
  • Secure transactions
  • Wide range of applications

Say yes to more business and happier customers